Holistic Andrology

Regenerative Andrology Clinic in London

Holistic Andrology is the first regenerative Andrology Clinic in London to use a scientific, holistic and non-invasive programme to treat male infertility and sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED), Peyronie's disease, low testosterone and chronic prostatitis (pelvic pain).

The clinic is led by the stem cell scientist Dr Fabio Castiglione who was awarded with Excellence Award 2022 from the European Society for Sexual Medicine. Holistic Andrology offers a diverse range of medical and non-medical specialists devoted to male sexual health, including cardiologists, endocrinologists, physiotherapists, personal trainers and sexologists.

We provide an efficient and qualified service using the most innovative technologies in the male sexual medicine field, including shockwave therapy and P-Shocks® (the evolution of P-Shot). We assure total privacy and full support for the whole treatment.

Our doctors are certified by the European Committee of Sexual Medicine (Multidisciplinary Committee of Sexual Medicine (MJCSM)), which offers personalized programmes for men with sexual dysfunction and infertility due to other causes, such as metabolic disorders like diabetes, or pelvic surgery such as prostatectomy.

Why should you have your treatment with us?

Holistic Andrology is the only andrology clinic in London that includes several medical specialists exclusively focused on men’s sexual health and infertility.

Our physicians are European certified experts, have a PhD and are internationally recognized for their clinical and academic skills. They are famous scientists and invited speakers to the most critical scientific European and American meetings on men’s sexual health.

We continuously update and improve our Holistic therapeutic strategies and incorporate the latest scientific findings in the field of men’s “sexual health” and reproduction.

We discuss each patient in a collegial manner in such a way as to provide each one with a holistic program that is not based only on the treatment of the pathology but on the man. No center in the UK offers such a programmed for its patients.

Our team includes the following specialists:


This means we are highly focused and specializing in men’s sexual health.

When we treat you, you can rest assured that we are constantly applying the latest scientific-based medical treatments to men's sexual health and infertility.